The Miraculous Staircase


Composed and orchestrated by Richard Chiarappa


Click here for a facebook photo gallery of the filming of this peformance.

"The Miraculous Staircase" dramatizes a Santa Fe legend, the Sisters of Loretto, a carpenter, a bishop, a blind girl...and a miracle!

Written by West Hartford Symphony Orchestra Music Conductor Richard Chiarappa, this live recording took place on May 19, 2013.

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The Miraculous Staircase - Individual Tracks
Attempting to stream these files is not recommended due to the size of the MP3s.

    1. Prelude and Carpenter's Arrival

    2. Inside the Chapel

    3. Interlude: Nightfall and Morning

    4. Building the Staircase

    5. Sisters Confer

    6. The Teacher and the Guide Duet

    7. Sneaking Around and Carpenter's Exit

    8. Bishop Lamy's Arrival

    9. Angela Reveals the Staircase



     Signed, digital copy of "The Miraculous Staircase" libretto