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On Sunday, October 22, 2017, the West Hartford Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Richard Chiarappa presented "Lincoln & Booth" at Kingswood Oxford School.

The original musical theater production of this work was presented in September 1997. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of its premiere, Maestro Chiarappa scored his original ten piece orchestra for the WHSO's 60 piece full orchestra and condensed the original two hour musical to one hour with a recital cast of 11 singers, as opposed to the original 28 member cast.

Michael Dunne and Richard Chiarappa collaborated on writing the narration links between songs replacing the original dialogue.

Full Performance




"Vicarious Liability"

"The Ides of March"

"Listen to Brutus"

"To Retribution"

"Lincoln's Dream"

"Were We Young Again"



"Ford's Theater"

"Something Decisive & Great"

"Honor to Our Soldiers"

"Just Ourselves"

"On Good Friday Night"


"Hail to the Chief"



"Just Ourselves Reprise"

"Beware the People Weeping"

"The Trappe"

"Just a Little Lie"

"Death Prayer"

"We the People"