A Made-for-High-School Musical - Book & Lyrics by Richard and Martha Chiarappa; Music by Richard Chiarappa; Arrangements by Frank Hunter

HOOP! made its premiere at Kingswood-Oxford School in West Hartford, CT in 1986. Since then it has been performed in schools - even by advanced middle school drama departments - from Pennsylvania to Iowa, New York to Ohio. It even managed to receive a performance in Karachi, Pakistan.

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On the surface, HOOP! is about high school basketball. Underneath, it is about high school students growing up. The plot and secondary plots weave their way through the team, cheerleading squad, dance club, faculty and administration.

The show opens as the team wins the game - thanks to Michael North and his foul shot - which puts them into the final game for the state championship. While great for the team, this presents a dilemma for Michael who, having outstanding musical talent, is scheduled to play in a national music competition the same night as the championship game. As Michael grapples with this problem he becomes close with Stephanie, a cheerleader and top student. This relationship takes time to blossom because Stephanie has been Parker Johnson's girlfriend, the team's high scorer. Before Stephanie makes the break, Parker convinces her to help him "one last time" with a final paper to get his English grade up, enabling him to remain on the team for the championship game. His English teacher, Miss Whitman, who is also the cheerleading advisor, knows something is not right with Parker's paper but cannot prove it. Things are more complicated because she has fallen in love with Paul "Woody" Forrest, college basketball recruiter, who has been "scouting" Parker. Finally, when both Michael and Stephanie realize they must "do what they have to do," Stephanie confronts Miss Whitman and Michael confronts Coach Armentano.

In the meantime, the comical "Zip" has helped the cheerleaders for their "adopt a child" campaign, the dance club and cheerleaders have performed a "routine" at the Winter Weekend dance using Michael's original song, and the athletic awards have been given out as well as a special award for the "most spirited" member of the cheerleading squad. In the split-stage finale, where three musical numbers merge, Michael and the team compete - simultaneously but separately - for first place. By the final curtain, the truth has prevailed, mature decisions have been made, love has emerged and everyone has grown a notch.


Why, HOOP!...

Easy Costumes
Flexible Cast Size
Good Vocal Ranges
Many Leading Roles
Fairly Priced Royalties
Sponsorship of a "Hoop" Child
Expandable Dance Sections with Tap
Professionally Arranged for High School Orchestra